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Rose Extermination Co. now provides quality landscaping services to St. Louis area residents, business owners and home buyers.  When you trust Rose for your pest, termite or landscape challenges, you’re getting a team that’s been hired and trained to the highest standards.

Free Landscape Inspections

Crabgrass, chinch bugs, dollarweed, brown patch, white flies, sod webworms – these are just a few of things that could cause damage to your landscape. Add in drought, excessive rain, shade, sun and moisture, and managing all the things that can affect the health and beauty of a landscape becomes complex.


No two landscapes are alike and no two landscapes require the same Landscape Plan. We perform a detailed landscape analysis to understand exactly the type of care your landscape needs and then develop a customized plan for your home.

Complete Landscape Care

Our Landscape Analysis Includes a complete evaluation of:


  • Lawn and shrub types

  • Sun and shade conditions

  • Pets and insects problems

  • Retaining walls

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