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Pest Control

Rose Extermination Co. provides a multitude of extermination services to the St. Louis area.  Rose Extermination Co. is specially designed to tackle common pests such as cockroaches, ants, rodents, and spiders.  When in need of an exterminator, Rose Extermination Co. pest control workers will locate, identify, destroy, control, and repel the pests.

Real Estate Inspections

You've found dream home - make sure it doesn't come with unwanted roommates!


While a home inspection can answer necessary questions concerning mechanical and structural integrity, the majority of home inspectors are not trained or licensed to provide subterranean termite and pest inspections. It takes special real estate pest control training and expertise to provide this type of inspection and assessment. Rose Extermination Co. can perform a true real estate pest inspection and provide the termite clearance letter necessary to secure an official Wood Infestation Report.

Residential Control

Pests are a problem for everyone, especially for the residents of St. Louis. Whether you live downtown in the city, or in the wooded areas of St. Louis County, both insect and rodent pests can live in and around your home. Pests will try to enter your house through cracks, small holes, and around doors and windows. Rose Extermination Co. offers monthly maintenance plans to monitor and protect your home year round protect your most important investment.

Commercial Control

When your business or store is in need of a Rose Extermination Co. takes the proper precautions to ensure your company's pest control problems do not continue.  Pests are carriers of diseases harmful to humans, failure to keep your premises pest free can result in store closure and fines. Service agreements are offered for any business and any size commecrial building.

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